It’s my Blog and I can brag if I want to!

Yep, bragging rights.  I wanted to share some art from another member of my family.  These replica peace pipes were handcrafted by my husband.  He is a knapper, and also carves pipes out of deer antler.  The entire piece is handcrafted.  He starts by knapping an arrowhead for visual accent.  He uses such materials as Obsidian, Flint, Jasper.  Then he continues by crafting the pipe out of deer antler.   The hole extends from the tip of the mouthpiece to the pipe bowl and is hand carved.  This can be quite difficult as most of the deer antlers are curved.   Next, he sizes and handcuts pieces of buckskin into long hanging fringes.  Often, these fringes are adorned with hand carved beads, wooden beads, arrowheads, glass beads, and feathers.  He also hand-carves a delicate paddle that fits into the bowl of the pipe for cleaning.  Yes, these pipes are fully functional.  They make a sensational adornment to my home, and are perfect for an authentic look. 

Standard Sized Handcarved/Handcrafted Peace Pipe

 Long Size Handcarved/Handcrafted Peace Pipe

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  1. Wow, those are incredible! You SHOULD be bragging on him!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Wow, it seems like creativity runs in this family!!

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